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UN releases “Capacity Building on Industrial Energy Efficiency” Documentary

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“Capacity Building on Industrial Energy Efficiency” Documentary has been produced and released by UNIDO with Global Environment Facilities (GEF) financing, under the project of “Industrial Energy Efficiency in key sectors in Iran”.

The main focus of this film is to introduce the theoretical and practical trainings and associated results on Energy Management System (EnMS) and Energy System Optimization (ESO) for Petrochemical, Oil Refinery, Iron and steel, and Cement industries. 

“Producing this documentary, in Farsi aimed to promote the global methods of energy efficiency trainings to Iranian industries.” Ms. Nasim Shekari, the national coordinator of the project said.

“Although EnMS trainings were limited and there were only 7 pilots, but due to UNIDO practical trainings, it leads to save the amount equivalent to 365000 oil barrel, which is a very satisfactory result.” Ms. Shekari added.

“Based on this valuable result, we hope government of Islamic Republic of Iran; use these training methods for teaching energy management system (EnMS) broadly, in the other industries of the country.” Shekari said. 

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